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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the facility generate any noise or sounds?

Battery storage facilities such as this are quiet when operating. There are little to no moving parts, and the equipment is housed in a container that muffles sound.

Are there any radiation or fire-related safety risks associated with the technology?

Battery storage devices do not generate radiation and involve little to no fire risk when properly designed, installed, tested, and operated. The battery storage systems contain protection and control features, including a battery management system that shuts down when operational environments are anything less than optimal. There are multiple redundancies built-in and the project team works closely with the local fire marshal and permitting authorities to ensure all safety precautions are taken.

Will construction jobs go to members of the local community?

While the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor is directly responsible for hiring and contract reward decisions, we encourage our EPC contractors to use local contractors and vendors when possible.

What is the expected timeline to start construction and become operational?

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2023 and last for approximately one year to meet a 2024 operation date.

Will there be on-site security?

Yes, periodic on-site security checks will be conducted in addition to the remotely controlled security operations.


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